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3 Pandas

3 Pandas is a thrilling point-and-click adventure game created by FlashTeam and released by NextPlay. The game tells the story of three panda brothers, named Slim, Big, and Small Panda. Poachers have captured them and require your assistance to help them escape and safely return home. In "3 Pandas,"  players use the mouse to move the pandas, make them jump, and use special abilities. You can throw Little Pandas, Slim can assist them in falling to collect items, and Biggie can lift them to reach high objects.To employ a special skill, first select a bear and then click the bubble that appears above its head. "3 Pandas" has had several sequels, including "3 Pandas: Night,"  "3 Pandas in Japan,"  "3 Pandas in Brazil,"  and "3 Pandas in Fantasy,"  each providing a different setting. and new challenges for players.

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