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BitLife is a life simulator that features virtual but realistic challenges. By joining the game, you will be in charge of a life from birth until old age. That means you have to make the best decisions for your life because those decisions will determine whether or not your life is happy. 

The BitLife game allows you to experience what will happen to your job, your family, or what you will do when you get old. 

Similar to other simulation games, BitLife has simple gameplay and appealing content. At each stage of the character's life, you need to choose the right actions. For example, after high school graduation, what major you will choose to continue your education, or what job you will choose to do after graduating from college. You have to make all the critical decisions in life. All of this occurs in a very realistic manner in BitLife. 

In the BitLife online game, your character will begin with four stats: Happiness, Health, Smarts, and Looks. All of those stats are controlled and decided by you. For example, you can improve your Smarts by going to school or improve your Health by taking care of your daily health. It sounds very interesting, doesn’t it?

How to Play the BitLife Game

As mentioned above, BitLife has fairly simple gameplay. Your task is to choose the appropriate actions based on your age. 

At the beginning

At the beginning of the game, BitLife will randomly select the country in which you were born, and your basic information, and provide a profile about your parents. As an infant, you cannot make any important decisions because you are still being cared for by your parents. You can only choose actions that are appropriate for your age, such as asking for money at the age of 4. At the age of 6, you will begin primary school. 

At the age of 18

This is considered the most important period of your life. You have to make decisions about your path, which determines your future life. In addition to choosing a major to continue your education, you also have the option of joining the military or choosing to make money in some other way. Everything at this stage has a significant impact on your life later. 

At the maturation stage

When you start making money, you will have to learn how to manage your finances. You can choose to spend your money on what you want, like buying a house, buying a car, starting a business, or even spending it at a casino. The Assets section on the menu bar is where you manage your assets. However, you are required to be of legal age to be entitled to own the property. 

Finding your love

At a certain age, you will find your soulmate. You will have to make the right decisions to preserve and protect your own happiness. You can completely lose everything with just one wrong choice.

Important Notes in BitLife

You will be responsible for every aspect of your life. Everything in BitLife happens as it does in real life, but with less risk. You can be completely depressed when your Happiness drops; your health is not good when you do not take care of yourself, or you can make yourself beautiful by wearing makeup and choosing the right clothes. Similarly, if you do something wrong, you will be held accountable by the law. 

Each important event in your life will be listed on the screen. It is like a diary that allows you to look back on your life. 

Are you ready to start a complicated life full of ups and downs and challenges? That's where you can best see how your decisions affect your future life.

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