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Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors is a simple survival role-playing game. It gives you a Supernatural Independent Phenomenon that makes you a bullet. There are devils here, hell is empty, and there's no place to hide. Keep fighting until death stops you. The gold from each run helps the next one. Kill thousands of monsters that come out at night and stay alive until morning! Choices can help you fight hundreds of monsters quickly and in a snowball effect. Fight the armies of hell using your touchscreen. With this wave of survival, you will win! Face hordes of enemies, kill creatures, and finish the game by yourself! If an army doesn't have strong weapons, it can't be beaten. This roguelike has it all. Garlic, the King's Bible, the Cross, or a magic wand? Pick. Improve your skills to become an unstoppable warrior. In this hero survival game, you have to fight nasty creatures from hell. Learn how to beat opponents in the library, dairy plant, or old Capella. With rogue-lite skill experience, you can find bonuses and treasure. Don't be the last person left who doesn't have money. Start the best adventure roguelike game you've ever played with the character you like best.


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