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This is a web of games consisting of different genres. in which BitLife is a game that stands out and attracts the most players on the website. BitLife is a simulator where you will make important decisions about your life that will affect its course. In this game, you will decide your fate. You will have to make an effort to be a good person by making choices. You will have a normal life: go to school, go out, get married, have children, etc. Answer the cases with different options. Each choice will create a part of your life. your. Will you lead a happy life or a dull and boring one? Whether you will succeed or fail depends on all the options you have chosen. You are off to a great start, and at each age, you will have to make an important decision that can make you a good person or a bad person in the future. The game is simple but full of fun and surprises. Situations may surprise you. Be decisive and keep a cool head to be able to make the best choices. Be the most successful person in BitLife. Make yourself the best version of yourself by making the right choices.

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